Business Philosophy

Alleviating the Burden of Compliance

Vector’s philosophy is to work closely with all our Customers as a dependable and trusted partner.

The Vector Team becomes a seamless extension to your existing resources, providing you with flexible and comprehensive ‘behind the scenes’ support for your aircraft.

Always seeking to innovate, we have developed the ground-breaking Vector CARE™ Programme (Continuing Airworthiness Resource Extension Programme) specifically to interface with your existing processes and systems.

Our Vector CARE™ Programme will provide you with maximum flexibility to eliminate potential pressure points, such as:

  • Management being pulled into routine functional tasks due to staff resource issues
  • Insufficient resource to implement process changes or cover project overlaps
  • Increasing regulatory complexity
  • Recruitment challenges

Vector’s specialist expertise will help you eliminate any internal airworthiness and safety risk ‘gaps’; allow your business to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and; free up valuable management time to focus on the growth of your business.

We take CARE™ to help you solve all your Airworthiness Resource and Process Issues!


Vector Aircraft Services