The Benefits of using Vector Aircraft Services

Making your Business Better

Working with Vector will ensure that your Return on Investment, ongoing Business Profitability and Asset Value will be maximised though the delivery of high quality support service – on time and on budget – every time.

Partnering with Vector will change aircraft airworthiness management from a burden into a long-term opportunity to improve Profitability and Safety:

  • Improved ‘Real Time’ Management Oversight
  • Increased Operation Efficiency
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership (I.e. Maintenance related Operating Costs)
  • Increased Aircraft Availability and Reduced Downtime
  • Improved Aircraft Reliability (I.e. Despatch Reliability and System Performance)
  • Improved Short-Term (Tactical) and Medium- to Long-Term (Strategic) Forecasting
  • Structured Major Base Visits so they are performed in an efficient and economical manner
  • Structured Maintenance Event Planning to align tasks of similar content
  • Reduced Component Costs per Operating Hour through the establishment of Economical Repair Costs and better-defined Overhaul Frequency.
  • Elimination of duplicated Maintenance Man Hours
  • Avoidance of unnecessary Rental Charges for Spares or Special Tooling
  • Introduction and Development of a Reliability Reporting and Review System
  • Error Reduction
  • Determination and Implementation of Corrective Actions
  • Asset Security Protection via Log Book and Status Retention
  • Closer relationship with Vendors and / or OEM
  • Simplified Staff Training Programmes

Vector is The Safest and Most Cost-Effective Partner for Your Business!


Vector Aircraft Services