Approved Maintenance Programme Development

Customised Maintenance

The purpose of the Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) is to define the maintenance that is required to keep your aircraft in a safe, airworthy condition. Each Operator is responsible for ensuring that the programme is current with the manufacturer’s source documents and effective in maintaining airworthiness.

Vector will help you to define a Customised Maintenance Programme, which is entirely relevant to your aircraft’s operating environment; utilisation rate and sector length; fully compliant with any additional mandatory requirements as and when generated by the applicable Regulatory Authority (including Airworthiness Directives) and; covering all tasks required for installed equipment.

Vector will work closely with you to deliver comprehensive support comprising:

  • Production of the Approved Maintenance Programme
  • AMP Analysis & Ongoing Reviews to ensure Programme Effectiveness
  • Ongoing AMP Development, Amendment and Optimisation
  • Issue & Control of Variations to the AMP
  • Periodic Technical Reviews
  • Determination of Operational Performance
  • Suggestions for Improvement

Delivering the Aircraft Maintenance Programme that is Right for You!


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