Continuing Airworthiness & Asset Management

Unmatched Support

Vector provides total, tailored Airworthiness Oversight Services for each of our valued Customers. To obtain an optimum balance between continuing airworthiness; reliability and operating cost reduction; we ensure that the right internal systems and procedures are put in place and; that each aircraft is maintained in accordance with the Manufacturer’s (or alternative) Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP).

Vector’s customer-centred approach delivers optimised workflows and introduces ongoing process improvements to achieve the right balance; freeing up valuable Senior Management time, while also minimising risk through complete oversight of all critical activities.

We ensure that each Customer receives the appropriate level of support through the following bespoke support elements:

  • Creation, Development and Management of the Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP)
  • Introduction of Vector’s Customised Work Flow Management Tools
  • Simplification and Streamlining of Process, Tasks and Workflows
  • Increased Focus on Cost Saving, including Maintenance Invoice Reviews
  • Aircraft ‘Tip-to-Tail’ Technical Administration
  • Aircraft Reliability Reviews
  • Continuous Oversight of AD and SB Compliance
  • Damage Assessment and Implementation of Optimal Repairs
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Control of Component Repairs or Replacements
  • Optimal Scheduling of Out-of-Phase Maintenance Activities

Using our proprietary internal processes and practices, we guarantee unsurpassed and totally visible airworthiness management support to ensure that your operation is safe, reliable and profitable.

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