October 2017 News

Published on 2nd November 2017

A new Citation Latitude 680A was delivered into the UK and onto the Air Charter Scotland (ACS) AOC. Vector managed the process of acceptance and introduction on to the UK register and the ACS AOC. The aircraft is currently being striped before entering service. Vector completed the pre-buy inspection of
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September 2017 News

Published on 2nd October 2017

Vector completed the ARC for a privately-owned VIP Cessna Citation 560 XL. The aircraft is operated by Air Charter Scotland (ACS). Vector was contracted by Arena Aviation Limited to review the documentation for an Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 to present aircraft for import C of A. The aircraft was previously
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August 2017 News

Published on 14th August 2017

– Vector assisted with the delivery and addition onto the fleet of a Cessna Citation 560XLS+ for Air Charter Scotland (ACS). ACS is one of the most reputable and reliable private jet operators in the UK. ACS offers bespoke services using high specification Cessna Citation CJ2+, CJ3, XL, XLS; Embraer
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July 2017 News

Published on 14th July 2017

– Vector was contracted to complete the take-on of a leased Belgian Cessna 208EX (second aircraft) to be placed on Waves Technologies Limited (‘Waves’) AOC. This is an interim lease pending completion of modifications to their new 208EX purchased from Cessna (see also Vector News – March and June 2017).
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June 2017 New

Published on 14th June 2017

As previously reported last March, Waves Technologies Limited selected Vector to provide specialist continuing airworthiness maintenance management services in support of their Guernsey GAR AOC application. Waves is pressing forward to have a fully functional inter-island service by this Summer utilising the latest Cessna Grand Caravan 208EX aircraft. Vector was initially
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May 2017 News

Published on 14th May 2017

Vector has been working closely with bmi regional since May 2014, providing total support for all Technical Records functions, including Flight Log entry, Component control, Work Pack processing and AD/SB compliance. In recognition of the third anniversary of this long-term partnership, Peter Bentley, Technical Services & Planning Manager for bmi
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April 2017 News

Published on 14th April 2017

As part of a rolling contract, Vector has recently completed two DHC-6-400 aircraft compliance reports, including a physical survey and records review on behalf of the Scottish Government. These aircraft were delivered as new in 2015 and leased out for operation from the famous Barra beach airport. Vector’s management team
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March 2017 News

Published on 14th March 2017

Waves Technologies Limited (‘Waves’) has selected Vector Aircraft Services Limited (‘Vector’) to provide continuing airworthiness maintenance management services for their unique new air taxi service based in Guernsey. Waves has filed a new AOC application with the Guernsey Aircraft Register with the aim of having a fully functional inter-island service
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