Company Approvals

Working in Harmony with the Authorities

Vector is Approved by UK CAA as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (Part CAMO) with Part M Subpart I (Airworthiness Review Certificate) privileges).

We believe that interacting closely with the UK CAA and other National Airworthiness Authorities (NAA’s) on a regular basis helps Vector deliver the highest standards of continuing airworthiness support for your aircraft. Download our Current Approval UK.CAMO.0367 .

We provide comprehensive Airworthiness Management Support Services for approximately 30 aircraft series and; new series* will be added as and when required to meet the demands of our growing Customer base. (* New approvals normally take 6 – 8 weeks and this process is conducted in parallel to the introduction of new projects to ensure that there is no business interruption.)

Partnering with You and the Authorities to Keep You Safe!


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