Chris started his extensive aviation career in aircraft and helicopter maintenance and maintenance management with the British Army, serving from 1980 to 1992. Chris then joined a major Glasgow based Regional Airline as a Quality and Technical Services Engineer where he performed continuing airworthiness and cost of ownership activities on seven aircraft types in a fleet of 26 aircraft.

Following a partial management buy-out, Chris resigned as Deputy Quality Manager; having been selected to head up a new maintenance operation supporting the airline.

Obtaining JAR 145 approval within the first month, he went on to develop the maintenance and support organisation from inception to a fleet of 20 aircraft with four aircraft types; a combined staff of 60 and; an airline turnover of £45 million up in 7 years.

With the experience gained in 7 years of airline development, Chris resigned to start up Vector Aircraft Services as a Part M Sub Part G approved organisation with Andy McLaren. Chris is now widely acknowledged to be a leading industry champion of continuing airworthiness services.


Vector Aircraft Services