Specialist Lease Oversight

Total Lease Asset Protection

All aircraft Lessors understand the implications of a less than efficient hand back of a lease asset. We believe that the traditional lease model with periodic or end of lease asset inspections and reconciliation exposes the Lessor to avoidable risk, costs and delivery delays.

Therefore, Vector has developed an innovative support model that provides Lessors with complete risk-free oversight of an asset from acquisition through the entire lease period to redelivery. We call this the Vector Lessor Protection Programme (VLPP).

VLPP provides total ongoing oversight of the aircraft status. The programme minimises Lessor risk; ensures the correct allocation of costs; reduces Lessor management time and; speeds up aircraft movement. This results in a better experience for both the Lessor and the lessee. VLPP also ensures the highest possible return on investment and enhancement of your asset value over time.

VLPP provides you with an agreed level of support to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Aircraft Acquisition Management
  • Import and Export Management
  • Registration and Deregistration
  • Continuing Airworthiness Oversight for the Entire Lease Period
  • Aircraft Recovery
  • Redelivery Management
  • Disposal Management

As VLPP is modular and flexible, it can also easily be adapted at any time should circumstances change.

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