Aircraft Acquisition & Delivery

Buying the Right Aircraft

Whether you are buying or leasing an aircraft; choosing the right aircraft too meet your unique needs is a critical process. Vector will provide you with all the specialist expertise you need during aircraft selection, inspection, acquisition and delivery.

Aircraft Selection – Vector will work with you to shortlist only aircraft that meet your needs.  We will conduct a thorough airworthiness review of the aircraft and; pay special attention to maintenance records to ensure that there are no post-acquisition surprises.

Pre-Delivery Inspection – After selection, Vector will perform a physical inspection of the aircraft and further on-site review of the technical records and; we will confirm airworthiness compliance relative to the destination authority. We will also list any compliance or maintenance shortcomings to ensure that they are corrected prior to delivery and / or; taken into consideration in the purchase price. Vector will oversee all corrective actions until they are completed.

Delivery – You may want to collect and fly your aircraft yourself. However, if you elect to have the aircraft ferried to its new home in-country or internationally, Vector will be there to arrange and oversee all logistics, export and import requirements and flight details.

Aircraft Handback – For lease aircraft, Vector will also oversee the aircraft for the complete term and; ensure that the aircraft meets all handback criteria.

Vector takes the Surprises out of Buying New or Used Aircraft!


Vector Aircraft Services