November 23

Vector contracted to conduct Facility and product Audits for a UK Maintenance Organisation and a Business Jet Operator both locally and in Europe.




Technical Records support extended for a further month for a UK Regional operator during a period of heavy workload.




The First of two EMB 145 type aircraft managed under Vectors Part CAMO on behalf of a previous UK Operator is sold completing the Export process. Attentions now move to the second aircraft which continues to be managed on a care and maintenance programme awaiting sale.

  • Posted on December 20th, 2023

October 23

Provided a UK Regional operator with Technical Records support during a period of heavy workload while they seek approval to sub-contract some of their CAMO requirements.





As part of their ongoing management of two Embraer 145 type aircraft for a previous UK Operator under Vector’s Part CAMO approval, the first of these aircraft is presented for Export in preparation for Sale and UK Export C of A obtained.



  • Posted on November 25th, 2023

September 23

Assistance provided to a San Marino registered AOC with the addition of a second Global 5000 to their AOC including ongoing sub-contract CAMO support.




Provided Part CAMO Quality Assurance support to UK corporate operator conducting Maintenance facility and Aircraft product Audit for their Embraer fleet.

  • Posted on October 31st, 2023

August 2023

With yet another tight delivery schedule to meet,  Vector provide additional assistance to a UK Regional Airline with the onboarding to their tracking system, of a further addition to their fleet.

  • Posted on September 21st, 2023

July 2023

Through their current quality support for a UK Part 145 organisation, Vector provided additional support to extend their approval to include the Cessna 208 at their maintenance facility in the UK.

  • Posted on August 28th, 2023

June 2023

Following the surrender of a UK Operator’s AOC, the aircraft owner transfers their aircraft onto Vector’s CAMO Approval to continue the management. This includes coverage of storage requirements with sale support including arrangement of Export C of A.


  • Posted on July 28th, 2023

May 2023

Following their previous support with the AOC application, a European Corporate Operator subcontract their CAMO functions to Vector for their initial aircraft with the additional of Quality/Compliance Auditor services.





Further to recent assistance provided with the onboarding of an additional aircraft to their fleet, a UK Regional Airline requests further support to onboard the engine data of another fleet type into their tracking system.

  • Posted on June 30th, 2023

April 2023

Assisted a UK Regional Airline with the onboarding of a new addition to the their fleet onto their Maintenance Tracking system. The aircraft was an addition to a current type with a specific deadline for introduction into service.

  • Posted on May 25th, 2023

March 2023


A European corporate Jet operator contract Vector to review and amend Operational and Maintenance Management Documentation to meet San Marino CAR OPS1 requirements in support of their AOC application.

  • Posted on April 21st, 2023

February 2023

Assisted a San Marino registered AOC with the  addition of an Embraer 600,  joining their Falcon 50.  Further ongoing support being provided for both Ac with full sub-contract CAMO functions including, new format AMP’s and a full compliance review of the CAMP tracking system for the incoming Embraer.



Work begins on the annual audit of the 2 Scottish Government Twin Otters in association with Energy Aviation continuing the 5-year contract renewed last year. The Aircraft, operated by Loganair, are surveyed by Vector in support of Energy’s Annual lease audit.

  • Posted on March 21st, 2023


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