July 2017 News

– Vector was contracted to complete the take-on of a leased Belgian Cessna 208EX (second aircraft) to be placed on Waves Technologies Limited (‘Waves’) AOC. This is an interim lease pending completion of modifications to their new 208EX purchased from Cessna (see also Vector News – March and June 2017). The lease aircraft will be used for training and preparation for AOC operations.

– Vector also completed the recovery and acceptance of a Jetstream 41 from Italy for Airtime AB based in Sweden. Airtime AB is a specialist leasing company, which focuses on Jetstream 31 and 41 regional aircraft. Currently, Airtime AB holds one of the world´s largest Jetstream 41 fleet available for lease or sale. Following the off-lease completion, Vector have also now been contracted to import the aircraft into the UK and process it for UK C of A issue.


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